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Saturday, August 12th, 2017 03:41 pm
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To be edited more, but here seems a good place to put it while we gather things

Orange <She/her> Cocky, energetic, full of spun an fight and and intensity. Aggressive, narcissistic? Maybe. Rough and tough, holds a lot of trauma. Loves music. Fierce and confident and kind of a flirty ass. 💖 Nb butch woman, Sun Pan

Our protector and defender, while being a mischievous and distruction loving imp. She claims to be a sort of Fae, and certainly has that energy, but we don't know much outside the fact she's closely tied to Purple, or Royal. She has an equal share in being "the original" as Royal and Teal. 

Triggers: Being cornered, being trapped, having no way out or no way to win, being forcibly overpowered and stripped of choice and freedom

-Things that are wild/feral/punk
- Stuff reminiscent of Persephone and Rebellion type things
- predator animals like birds of prey, foxes, cats of all kinds
- things that are bright and in warm colors like fire, the sun, lights, gemstones, and gold
- Nature and freedom stuff especially featuring warm colors
-Anything Halloween or like witch punk or fairly punk, I don't know if those are words but you get the idea
-Anything orange
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I think that should be it, we're all set up! I think? Maybe we'll post some writing sometime

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